Tell Us a Story

Submit a story! Why? ‘Cause all the best things in life are stories. Okay fine, experiences first, then stories about those experiences, second.

Reasons why you should tell us a story.

  • You’re awesome. And have a unique perspective nobody else can share, but you.
  • Want experience writing for a cool blog. Ahem. (Sorry.)
  • Have a head full of thoughts just waiting to get out there in the digital space. Come on, don’t leave those thoughts in the cloud. (Not that cloud!)
  • Have been somewhere interesting, and know everything about it. Or perhaps, just a few useful tips. Help a nomad out!
  • Like writing. Or vlogging. Or talking (whaddup Podcast opportunity!)
  • Are a millennial.
  • Sorry, Gen-Y.
  • Oh, we’re joking!
  • Bottom line: You’re passionate. The rest will flow like JT’s river made of crying tears.

So maybe writing is not really your thing, but you still want to get involved? If you’ve got questions, we’ve got ideas.

Hit us up

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