12 Types of Friends Every Gal Needs

Each friendship serves a different purpose, and some serve many purposes. An example: I would never ask my best friend from high school, who I did crazy unmentionable things with, who is single with no children, about how to get my kid’s fever down. No no, that is for my mom friend. You see what I mean? There are different types of friends. Just hear me out…

12 Types of Friends Every Gal Needs:

1) High school “crazy-times” best friend

Every one has one of these types of friends. This is the friend that can’t take you seriously when you “adult” because they’re like really?! I watched you piss your pants not five years ago. Girl, please. These friends share some of your fondest memories, and of course, some of the not-so-fond ones, too. Chances are they have seen you at your worst, but they have seen you grow out of it … hopefully.

2) Your significant other’s friend, who you totally stole

These ones are the best because even if sh*t goes down you know you won’t lose them in the divorce. Even if you totally hate your ex, you can always find one thing to thank them for! 😉

3) The friend you’ve known forever

This friend just knows you. They know everything you have been through, while likely they have faded in and out in certain times in your life. Bottom line, they are still there. They know you’re family, and know all that big-picture type of sh*t about your life solely because they remember being there. These friends know the essence of who you are, which is really important when times get tough.12 Types of Friends Every Gal Needs

4) The neighbor friend

God bless the neighbor friend. What would we do? They are there for a shoulder to cry on, a cup of sugar because your ass forgot the one thing you went to the store for, and they are always down to come over for a drink for any type of special occasion! These friends can help you out, and quick, with any emergency that might pop up. They are also really accessible, so you get to know each other quick!

5) The “mom” friend

I personally would have lost my mind, well what’s left of it anyway, if it wasn’t for my mom friends. I say friends, because chances are you will have many of these types of friends once you enter the mom club. Once you meet someone and find out they have kids too, it’s almost comparable to when you and your high school “crazy times” friend became BFF’s with a drunk girl in the bathroom. Yeah, it’s that serious of a connection.

6) The crunchy friend

Maybe this is just for me, but I find myself wanting to do things the more natural way a lot lately, especially now that there are kids on the table. Literally, my child is on the table as I write this, metaphorically, you get what I mean. I want to do the home remedies,and as little unneccessary medication as possible – and your crunchy friend rocks at this stuff! They are always there when you need advice, because typically they LOVE that you are going the natural route!

7) The let’s-do-couple-stuff-friend

This is the friend that you absolutely adore, who has a significant other that you feel the same way about. It is not that uncommon to have you and your honey like the same person; but when they bring someone around that you absolutely love too, it’s pretty awesome. These are the perfect friends to plan couples trips with!

8) The always-down-for-a-vacation friend

This friend that can tell in your voice that you need a vacation, and starts planning one. This friend is open to whatever, whenever, which is exactly what everyone needs more of!

9) The budding friendship, friend.

It’s sort of like dating, but even better. I notice myself calling this friend more often than my other friends; because those other b*tches know they are important. You are still creating that bond with this friend, so you call them when something funny happens or you need to vent immediately.

10) The we-fight-like-sisters friend

This friend, no matter what happens, you always get into it with. You are constantly in phases of not talking, super distant, to catching up and picking up where you left off. These can sometimes bring out the worst in you, but always manage to make it up to you. And I think there’s something to be said for a friend who you can yell at and hate, yet deep down really love to pieces.

11) The work best friend

A lot of times these best friends mesh into just about every category because they know you so well. They have seen you at your worst, probably in a shorter time span than some of your other friends. They have pissed you off beyond belief, and then made you laugh about it 10 minutes later. I think working together you learn a lot about someone, so these friends often turn into #12.

12) The all time, soul mate, best friend

12 Types of Friends Every Gal NeedsIt is not fair to say this one surpasses all the other friends, but, come on, they sort of do. This friend knows your soul. You won’t disown any other friends because your soul sister doesn’t like them, but, all in all, you might. This friend knows no distance, time, age, or scenario — it’s like your friendship is untouchable. These friends are the godmothers to your children, the maids of honor, and the unofficial daughters of your parents.