8 Ways to Make the Most of the Holidays

I’m sure you can find plenty of different sites telling you how to handle the holiday season, but here at VIRTVE, we like to KISS (keep it simple, stupid). This is the time of year we think about our loved ones the most. But sometimes it is easy to focus more on getting the right present rather than just being in the moment. For a little reminder, I’ve got a few things that I have been actively trying this year to stay present, and I think it’s working!

Give them a shot, Eight Ways to Make the Most of the Holidays:


Call your grandma. No one puts things in perspective the ways grandmothers do, and that’s exactly what we need this time of year. I know I don’t call my Grandma enough. However, the other day I had some free time so I gave her a call. I don’t have a gift for her this year, I never know what to get her. It turns out, she said “Thank you for calling,” more times that I’ve ever heard someone say, “Thank you for this Christmas present.” And of course, we had a great conversation to boot! Who else has your back and is more interested in your life than your grandma? Answer: no one. If she is reading this, Hi Granny I love you!!!


Donate something in any form. Whether it’s clothes you don’t need, an extra few dollars you have, or a few hours of your time. Help someone out, even if it’s super inconvenient for you.


Don’t send presents just to send them. I always get ahead of myself thinking I have to send gifts to everyone who ever sent me a gift … and then I look at my bank account and feel super guilty that I can’t. I keep reminding myself it’s not about that, so make the best of the few gifts you can afford to get. I had a great conversation with my best friend Michelle the other day, and we were talking about how meaningful our gifts were this year. Both of us agreed we couldn’t afford to send gifts to everyone, but the ones we did send made us really happy knowing they would love them. I think that’s the idea.


If it becomes too much of an effort, ditch the holiday card you mail everyone. We did it last year because it was convenient and we had a gift card. This year, we are running around with a toddler and a new puppy. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I wish I did, truly. But I can’t beat myself up about it anymore. In the meantime, we will put up the ones that were sent to us from friends and family and secretly plot how to one-up them next year. Only joking 😉


Blast that Christmas music in your car, that good mood is contagious! Seriously, I don’t care if you have heard Jingle Bell Rock 19 times today, that should only mean you are an expert on the words, so you can sing it!


Take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Don’t overbook yourself to where you have every hour planned over your holiday break. This should be the time of year where you can kick your feet up a little bit and enjoy some free-time with loved ones, or even some much needed alone time. If this isn’t true for your life, then I hope you are getting the thanks you deserve for working extra hard this time of year so that others don’t have to. Shout out to USPS, FedEx, and UPS workers, retail workers, and of course all branches of our U.S. Military for your hard work this season!


Wear yoga pants for the next few days, and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT feel bad about eating that extra piece of pie. I might hunt you down and throat punch you if I hear that you are. That’s what the holidays are for, and that’s why gym memberships are so cheap shortly afterwards. Don’t completely gorge yourself, but indulge a little, you deserve it!


No matter where you are or who you are with, take a second to look around and count your blessings. Take one moment to not worry about the right picture, the latest Donald Trump comment, celeb divorce, dance move, Starbucks cup, and just BE. Be thankful, feel blessed, smile, and hold someone close. With all the chaos going on in the world today, we are truly blessed to have a roof over our heads and shoes on our feet. Not everyone around the world can say that, so be thankful if you can. Okay, I can climb down from my soapbox now!

Whether you are celebrating with family, friends, or all by yourself we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Hannukah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, or whatever holiday you celebrate! Cheers to being politically correct! 😉