5 Cultures You Can Afford to Experience

Everyone has something that truly gets them excited. For me, it is traveling the world. There is nothing better than going on an adventure and feeling as though I have stepped outside of my comfort zone. I enjoy everything from the people I meet to tasting the food from other cultures.

I was fortunate enough to have a father who worked for Delta Air Lines. This allowed us the freedom to travel internationally on a budget. As a child, I loved the thrill of trying seeing new places.

While I was in college, I had the opportunity to travel to India to work on a documentary. There was nothing in the world that excited me more than the opportunity to visit a culture so different from mine.

From the moment we got off of the airplane, the smells and energy of the city thrilled me. I knew from this moment on, I was addicted to traveling.

I enjoy so much the feeling of being in a “different world”.

As we drove from the airport to the hotel, I could not get over the vibrant colors and how different this place was then where I came from. There was so much for me to learn and take in.

While in India, I was on a tight budget and I wanted to make sure I stuck to it. It amazed me at how economical everything was and how hospitable the people were.

Traveling and particularly traveling abroad, does not have to break the bank if you plan accordingly and know where to get the right information. Do your homework and create an experience that works for you. 

Like most millennials, I’m on a budget. It can be challenging to get the biggest bang for your buck. It can be overwhelming trying to narrow down a destination that will give you the most for your money. With these next 5 destinations, not having enough money is no longer an excuse. 

1. India

This destination is considered to be a very economical destination. Considering the steep prices of some destinations, traveling to India can be affordable.

You can travel throughout the country for about $15-$25 USD a day, depending on your budget. To keep your costs at an absolute minimum, you would need to use 3rd class travel accommodations, which can be extremely crowded.

Hostels can range from 250-1000 Rps a day depending on your criteria (54 Rps = $1). Food is very inexpensive as well. You can enjoy a nice meal for less than $2.

Remember that some things are negotiable such as purchase you make in the markets. Try it, the more you do it, the easier it gets.

2. Thailand

While traveling on a budget, you can rack up the costs quickly if you are not careful and don’t plan wisely. You should expect to spend about $45-$55 USD a day. Maybe a little more if you plan on shopping.

An economical option for Thailand would be to backpack through the country. Pre-planning all your hotels and leisure activities is smart if you have the budget. Using buses to get around will prove to be much more economical than flying between the major cities.

3. Argentina

Rich in culture, Argentina has a lot to offer. You can get around on about $34 a day. Whether you are jaunting around the city or taking a lunch boat cruise, you make your dollars go far.

Traveling from city to city is fairly easy. You can rent a car, but it is not necessary if you are flexible and don’t mind public transportation.

In 2009, the government of Argentina requires visitors to pay an entry fee based on citizenship. For the US this will be about $160 USD. Make sure you plan for this extra expense.

4. Portugal

Portugal can be an economical country to visit in Europe. Enjoy your stay at a Pixie Hut for about 35 euros (42.2 USD) or a hostel which could be within walking distance to the beach starting at 15 euros.

When traveling around the city, skip the taxis they can be super expensive. Opt for the metro instead; this will save you a lot of money while enjoying your stay.

Try to avoid overdrinking or eating at touristy places. This can also rack up the bucks if you’re not careful.

Enjoy the culture and take in everything that the country has to offer. Get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather of Portugal with their spectacular beaches and rich history.

5. Cambodia

Cambodia is a country rich with history and a great cultural experience. You can find a hostel for about 17,000- 21,000 KHR, or a comfortable hotel for 60,000-80,000 KHR (about 15 USD). Cheap huh?

You can find street vendors for food which will be about 4000-8000 KHR. Breakfast is available all day, although at times you might not know what you are eating. Be adventurous.

Make sure you keep an eye on your drinking budget. It can go fast when beers only cost 1 USD. You don’t want to waste money on beer when you could be using it towards your adventure.

Traveling internationally can be extremely rewarding. Make sure you plan ahead and do your research. Maybe you will become a travel addict like me!

Have some tips of your own? Don’t keep them to yourself! Tell us below in the comments section and help a fellow traveler out!