#CityStorySaturday: New York

If I’m being honest, I’m a long-term relationship type of gal. Relationships with restaurants, ice cream brands, bras, I’m in it for the long haul. Cities though, usually, you’ve got to wow me to make me come back for more. This city is one place I have visited time and time again, and never have I gotten bored. The city that never sleeps, or for me, the city I can never go to sleep in because there are so many damn things to do;

New York, NY

                NYC and I have been on and off for going on 7 years. Whether it was a girl’s trip the summer after my senior year of high school to ring in my 18th birthday, or a quick train ride up for the day when I was living in NJ, we always find our way back together. And somehow, when I’m lying in bed at night, it’s the intimate memories of food trucks and shoulder checking on the sidewalk that keep me awake. Okay, maybe that’s a bit much, but I do fantasize about my next getaway there often.

                In the beginning I was a bit biased because my first trip there was any 17-year-old’s dream. I went there with one of my good friends to visit her sister, who happened to be on a popular TV show at the time, and it was like a fast-pass at Six Flags. We got to see all the cool places, meet so many cool people, and inevitably fool some poor shmucks into letting us into a few bars.

The good ol’ days when we bought fake Coach, texted on our Razrs, and used a digital camera to take pictures

                You would think the next few times were a total let-down after that, right? So wrong. I would frequent a friend of mine who I’ve known since kindergarten, Brittaney, and secretly pretend I lived there with her. I remember heading up there for a night out and we ended up food truck hopping far more than bar hopping. It was awesome. Of course I made her do some tourist things like Bryant Park during Christmas, but it wouldn’t be New York if we didn’t brunch (Penelope’s and The Smith).

Bryant Park

                However, probably my favorite story was one sunday in December when I took a day trip up to see Brittaney. I had found out I was pregnant the night before and I really needed some fresh air. So off I went, but apparently Miss Thang had a little too much fun the night before and never answered my phone calls when I got off at Penn Station that morning. So what did I do? I embraced the true loner that I am and wandered the city by myself and had the best time ever. Once you get the layout of the city it’s pretty easy to get around. I went shopping for some stretchy pants that I so desperately needed in the coming months, got coffee, checked out the famous Christmas window displays. I basically transformed into a New Yorker within minutes and it was me against the world. Again, a bit dramatic, but come on you should know me by now. I was so well-equipped without even realizing it, I even had snacks in my purse; fig newtons actually, and I’d whip them out while walking down the street to cure my oh-so-pregnant appetite. Probably one of my most favorite memories, shared with only me.

This was sitting on the sidewalk and I begged the guy who was moving it to sell it to me. He said no. So I opted for a photo instead.

                She finally called, when I was about one pant leg into said stretchy pants in the dressing room. She was panicking wondering where I was, if I was okay, and apologizing over and over that she overslept. I calmed her down and told her to pick a spot to meet for lunch near where I was and not to worry. And just like that we brunched, and laughed, directly 18 inches from another group of friends doing the same, in true New York City style.

Cheese Grits @ The Smith