#CityStorySaturday: Murrells Inlet

Everyone has a favorite place, right? A place that isn’t quite your home, but in a perfect world it would be. A place where you wish you could pick up everyone you love and move them there so you could all be together. This town does all of that for me.
 It doesn’t get much better than being 1000 miles away from home and finding a place filled with people that make you feel like you found a few one. Oh, and the food is killer, too. Shout out to you,


If you are into hanging by the ocean, smelling salty air and seafood, live music, and super nice people – you will love it here. If you don’t like those things, well, I think we are done here.

When I moved away from Wisconsin in 2011, I was in a rush of emotions. I was missing my family like crazy and struggling to find my place somewhere new. Leave it to Murrells Inlet to make me feel like everything was happening just how it was supposed to.

Every time I had a bad day, I would cruise down Hwy 17 until it split and I would go left to get right.

This small seaside town consists of seafood restaurant on top of seafood restaurant. It is the “Seafood Capital of South Carolina”, it doesn’t get much fresher than here.

Showing some more friends the awesomeness that is Murrells Inlet

I remember taking myself out for lunch frequently at Drunken Jacks to get my She Crab Soup fix and an ice cold beer. It pains me to pick a favorite, but I have the most memories at Drunken Jacks and Creek Ratz.

However, Dead Dog & Bubba’s are also awesome places to hang out whether you are eating lunch, dinner, or indulging in liquid meals as I have been known to do here from time to time. Awesome live music happens on the regular at each and every one of these places.

This community is just amazing; I lived about 20 minutes north in 2012 when one of the restaurants, Dead Dog, caught on fire. It was completely destroyed, thankfully no one was hurt in the fire.

The community was pretty shocked. All of the other restaurants in the area took in the employees giving them as many shifts as they could provide until they rebuilt. To me, that shows the great amount of compassion people have here, and that’s rare, especially when you are near beach towns.

When my friend Amanda visited me we had a BLAST at Creek Ratz, thanks to the awesome owner hooking us up with shots and great company! After dinner, I attempted to teach her how to linedance, however the alcohol was certainly our guiding force at that point. It might have looked more like a stumble/shuffle, and I am pretty positive we gave up and resorted to some version of the Macarena. So many fun memories here.

Sorry Amanda, everyone needed to know how much fun we had.

Another major reason why this town tugs at the ol’ heart strings is because the love of my life knows how much this place means to me. He just gets it. Even more than that, when trying to find the right opportunity to ask me to marry him, he asked me here. Aw.

Also, worth noting, every year for Mardi Gras they throw a huge party along the marshwalk called Marshi Gras. They have a parade and people wear costumes, it’s really fun. They also do trick or treating and other holiday events. Typically there is something going on every month whether it is a major event like Marshi Gras or a regular fish fry to get everyone together.

This place is just somewhere that you cannot have bad time even if you tried. Someone would make you laugh, the scenery would make you thankful, and the food would make you never want to leave. Cheers to you Murrell’s Inlet, giving Disney World a run for its’ money when it comes to the saying “The Happiest Place On Earth”.