#CityStorySaturday: Philadelphia

I am not sure why it took me 22 years to visit this city, but man was it worth the wait! Keep in mind, I am very partial because a lot of people I really love live right outside of this city, in South Jersey. Not to be confused with North Jersey. Anyway, although my opinion is biased, that doesn’t take away from all of the really cool places to go while visiting.

Here we go:


One of my favorite memories in this city was when my fiancé Rich took me on a surprise date. I came home from work and he told me we had to leave immediately so we started heading south on 95. I was confused when we passed all of his friend’s exits, thinking we were going to see one of them. Then when we crossed the Ben Franklin bridge to Philly, I knew he was taking me to a Flyers game. Not just any game, it was the home opener. It was pretty amazing with the seats we were given, but even better when I went and asked if we could move because I had forgotten my glasses and couldn’t see. No sh*t, they bumped us up to about 10 rows back from all of the action. Just another reason why I love this city.virtve philly 3

Afterwards, around 12am we made a pit stop at Geno’s and got a cheesesteak. SO. GOOD. The leftovers the next day were even better! Still to this day I like Geno’s the best, but to be fair, Rich says that the best cheesesteak is Ishkabibble’s, and his best friend Heather says that the best cheesesteak is actually in Camden, NJ at Donkey’s Place. They both agreed that Jim’s and Pat’s were solid choices, too. So there you go, chase your cheesesteak dreams!

If you are about the road less traveled, go to the Reading Terminal. While others are all about experiencing the cheesesteak while in Philly, I’m all about the pulled pork sandwich at DiNic’s. Also, you have to stop by the Flying Monkey afterwards and get a whoopie pie. Warning: You will actually leave with 3, and you will eat them on the way back to your car, no judgment. They are that good.

Okay, enough with the food. For something fun to do during the day, more recently we went to the Mütter Museum. So if you are into weird oddities involving old medical practices, and rare human deformities, go here. If not, still go here. It is actually really interesting and creepy in all the right ways.

The fam bam
The fam bam outside of the museum.

If you are still deciding on New Year’s Day plans, look no further. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to Philadelphia. The Mummers Parade is something that everyone should experience at least once. Each group of mummers perform throughout the parade, showcasing their intricate costumes & set design. It’s really awesome to see. There are dozens and dozens of groups, and they take planning really seriously, I was told it takes all year long. I love how top secret the plans are among each group, too. In true Philly fashion, snitching is frowned upon if you tell someone what your group plans on doing that year. The best part about the Mummer’s Parade is afterwards when you see drunk, wandering, mummers throughout the day. Or maybe we were the drunk wandering ones… I’m not sure.

The greatest part about this city is just driving around. Whether it’s looking at all the history, or people-watching on South Street, there really is a lot to

You like what I did there? ?

**A HUGE thanks to Nick Scirrotto for our featured picture of Philadelphia. If anyone is in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area and needs photography services, contact them at TammyDavisPhotos.com**