#CityStorySaturday: Indianapolis

So since this is our first post in this series, I wanted to start with a little introduction:

My experience traveling outside of the U.S. is pretty limited, a trip to Mexico and the Bahamas pretty much sums it up. However, my experiences traveling throughout the United States are pretty extensive. Well, I guess that depends on who is reading and what they consider extensive. Just let me look cool, okay? Anyway, here is a list of my favorite cities in the U S of A, along with a few fun stories and fun places to check out! If you want to call out your favorite city, hit us up on IG or Twitter with #CityStorySaturday as we will feature others at some point as well! Let’s get to it then… 

– Indianapolis, IN –

Unexpected, right? Not so much. I would have never thought to go to Indy for a good time, but I’m glad I did because I had the best time ever while staying here. Let me just start by saying this, I stayed downtown in a freaking train car hotel! Yes, the Crowne Plaza used to be a train station (You can check it out here), and you can get a hotel room that is actually an old train car. It is freaking AWESOME, you know, if you’re into awesome things.
There was some great night life in this city! There was a neat place called Red Room that had stiff drinks and a swingset. So go there, because who doesn’t want to get drunk and swing? Also, The Monkey’s Tale was a great spot to do karaoke. I would like to formally apologize for any and all who saw our group that night, 5 years have passed but I know that scar runs deep.

The bars here have really cool names, we went to another place called the Slippery Noodle, which seemed to be kind of a college crowd, but hey, we got along with everyone. Well I did, I can’t speak for my dad, I think he got kicked out shortly after arriving. I do want to mention that all 3 of these places have great reviews for food, I can only attest to their beverages, but I’d take Yelp’s word for it and try one! Another option for late-night food, there is a White Castle nearby. They don’t have White Castle where I live, so it was essential. There was a line of drunken-ness waiting to eat, so of course we all became best friends while in line. Some of them had just left the Gentleman’s Club that is located directly behind the White Castle. That strip club may or may not have been our last stop before ending the night. Hypothetically speaking, I’m sure it was a very clean, friendly, place to go.

After that it was back to the train car for us, and another epic night was marked the history books. Don’t underestimate Indy, man. Good times are waiting to be had.