Cappuccinos in Viterbo

After our funny fish story and not-so-epic surfing, we went on to our next destination, Viterbo, Italy. Before I could see what Viterbo had to offer, I had some work to catch up on.

Day 9 – Cafe Americano

We didn’t have internet in our AirBnB in Viterbo, so Day 9 was a coffee shop hop day. I explored the different coffee shops in the area, one just outside of our AirBnB. If you ever happen to be visiting Viterbi and want a cup of cappuccino, or just a cafe americano, here are some places worth trying:

Blitz Coffee Shop: Awesome wifi (yes, this is something that I get excited about), great coffee, a cool retro atmosphere — looks like something reminiscent of an American ‘70s diner — and great customer service. The only draw back about this cafe is that it is underground, so no windows.

Blitz Coffee Shop - Viterbo
Blitz Coffee Shop

Gran Cafe Schenardi: This shop ranks high on the cool atmosphere scale. It has a luxurious old-time atmosphere, and so many different flavors of gelato and types of pastries through the transparent glass doors. If you need solid wifi though, this might not be the most reliable spot to count on in Viterbo.

Viterbo, Italy
Gran Cafe Schenardi

Boulevard Cafe: I liked this cafe because they had a covered outdoor seating area — which came in especially helpful when it started to drizzle a bit and the wind picked up. Excellent cappuccino, and wifi that worked all the way outside. One happy digital nomad indeed.

Day 10 – Rough Life

We explored throughout the town one more time. It’s surrounded by a huge, stone medieval wall, and the town itself is pretty well-preserved with any many new-age buildings. We checked out the Papal Palace, where two different popes lived from 1257 to 1281, and we went to a restaurant right by it called il Gargle, which had the best gelato I think that we tried the whole trip.

Viterbo, Italy
Papal Palace

We went back to the AirBnB afterwards to rest and catch up on some work, and then had a fabulous dinner at Trattoria L’Acchetto, a restaurant that’s nice because it’s tucked away and truly authentic. Our waiter didn’t speak much English at all, and we barely were able to understand the menu. Rough life.

Trattoria L’Acchetto
Trattoria L’Acchetto

And that pretty much sums up the Italy trip! My favorite part of Italy was without a doubt, the food. And in Italy, the food isn’t delicious at just some restaurants, like in the States where you literally have to pinpoint out restaurants on Yelp for good food. I’d say 90% of the restaurants we went to left us in awe.

I’m still saying “Mmmmmmmm.”

Stay tuned for the next post, taking place in wonderful beer drinking and bike riding city of Prague…