Pregnant Style for Young Moms: 7 Ways to Stay Confident

Number One:

Accept that your style as a pregnant women is going to be very different than your style as a non-pregnant woman. The moment you face that, it gets easier. That is unless you are one of those women who barely gained any weight and could wear their regular clothes most of the time in which case, I hate you. Kidding. Kind-of.

Number Two:

In accordance with number one, do yourself a favor and put away all clothes that make you get that “Awww I used to look so hot in this” feeling. You are pregnant, you will fit into it again, just not for a while. And think of it like this, when you do finally bust into that bag full of clothes again, it will be like shopping for all kinds of stuff you already like because you already bought it! Focus on the positive.

Number Three:

Don’t totally splurge on maternity clothes, you don’t need an entire new wardrobe for a period that will last nine months. If you can find stuff that you can wear during/after pregnancy, get it! Maxi dresses were my go-to look, loose tops, leggings, etc. I have a handful of dresses and shirts that I still wear even after I’m back to my pre-pregnancy size. Just think, you have the rest of your life to spend money on clothes you will wear for a lot longer. Oh, and, pretty soon you will have a whole new HUMAN to shop for!

Number Four:

BE NICE TO YOURSELF. Especially when it comes to your style, again, reference #1. This might be the most important, focus on the main assets you’ve got going on when pregnant: ass & titties. Accentuate the goods, and you will feel better about yourself, and your boyfriend/husband/partner/whoever the hell you are having this baby with, can thank me later. Most importantly, you will get that damn, girl! feeling again when you look in the mirror. As aforementioned, focus on the positive.

Pregnant Style

Number Five:

Go to the store and buy a sexy negligee, babydoll, whatever you want to call it. Make sure that bad boy is cotton, so it can handle a little stretching, and wear that whenever you are feeling insecure about the changes your body is so forcefully putting on you. That was the one thing that made me feel so awesome about myself, the fact that I was nine months pregnant and not embarrassed to be sexy.

Number Six:

Avoid buying new bras, or you will be shopping every week. Your boobs are going to get huge throughout pregnancy, even bigger when the milk comes in, and then find their way somewhere in between when you stop producing. If you can’t afford a nice nursing bra, send out some HUGE hints to your mother/mother in law, that you need one. These will save your life. I haven’t breastfed in six months and still wear mine. To say I love mine is an understatement.

Number Seven:

Get your hair and nails done regularly if you can. These are little things that will keep you feeling cute and in touch with your personal style while another little person is growing inside you. A little advice from experience: Do not do anything extreme with your hair while pregnant. You have enough to adjust to, don’t add a bad haircut to the list. And to you, Ms. Hairdresser at I AM Salon & Day Spa, yes I am still mad at you!

All in all, enjoy this time, don’t be too hard on yourself. You are only pregnant for a little while, enjoy it for all its weird little quirks. You and your style can recover afterwards, unless you are one of those crazy put-together new moms, in which case I hate you too. KIDDING.