Billabong Sol Searcher Swimsuit Got Me Like Hey

Like my coffee, I’m a little on the picky side with my swimwear — what girl isn’t? I like a swimsuit that makes me feel great and looks good. It has to be something I know that I will be comfortable literally living in come summertime. Any water bug knows the importance of a great suit, as well as how difficult it can be to find one… 


The Billabong Sol Searcher One Piece swimsuit might not be the best for surfing or wake boarding, but when you’re on a good old fashioned boat cruise — I hope you have a couple planned this summer — this one tops the occasion. It has an open back with a crochet design and the front has two side cut outs, making for a unique one piece that you definitely wouldn’t find in your mom’s closet.

Another thing I like about it is that if you are looking to show a little skin you can. Obviously not that much because it’s a one piece, but it does show a little cheek, but not too much where you are constantly picking at it all the time. Again, another plus when you’re just trying to get your chill on at the beach. Or all over Costa Rica

The Billabong Sol Searcher is pretty multi-functional too, as in, you don’t have to confine it as a swimwear piece. I also like to pair it with jean shorts, summertime shades, a sun hat, and all my other favorite summertime pieces for those days when you can’t get to the water but want a cute get up to walk around town with. 

Sidebar: I’ve put it through the washing machine on accident, because apparently I’m terrible at laundry, and it totally held up fine. Got me like heeeeyyyy.

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Billabong - Kaitlyn Schlicht Billabong - Kaitlyn Schlicht Billabong - Kaitlyn Schlicht Billabong - Kaitlyn Schlicht Billabong - Kaitlyn Schlicht Billabong - Kaitlyn Schlicht

What are some links to your favorite swimsuits on the market right now?

Photos: @jeremeybrandonphoto