What are Your Favorite Summertime Pieces? Ask VIRTVE.

Summertime, a.k.a., sexy and single season, is here. Now we get to bring out the minis, the cut offs, the brallettes, oh you know – the pieces that make the boys say hey. Heyyyyyyy. Here’s what we’re rocking for when the sun is out, and when it goes down. Have a question for us? Don’t be shy, let us know what they are in the comments section for the next rendition of Ask VIRTVE.


  • Comfortable and low back maxi dresses.
  • A bright pair of Nike sneakers.Kassidy Fitzpatrick - Nike
  • Crop tops.Kassidy Fitzpatrick - VIRTVE
  • Overalls.Kassidy Fitzpatrick - VIRTVE
  • And a sexy party outfit. [Pictured below in Nasty Gal]Kassidy Fitzpatrick - VIRTVE


@KaitlynSchlicht: I’ve been somewhat limited when it comes to my wardrobe right now, as I was supposed to leave Costa Rica approximately 3.5 weeks ago and am relying solely on my 6 days days worth of clothes. Glad I brought some cute ones. Below are the pieces that have literally become a second skin to me.

  • My black Vans. I wear these everywhere — traveling the country, heading the to the local bar for a drink or two, and when I walk down the beach for my morning surf sessions.Kaitlyn Schlicht - Costa Rica
  • Cut offs come in second. If you look my Instagram right now, you’ll notice I wear these pretty much every day because they pretty much go with everything (and because of the aforementioned clothes deficiency), plus the high-wasted, baggy look makes me look a little bit thinner. Always a plus. These pair are from Forever 21, and damn, I’m glad I brought them.Kaitlyn Schlicht - Costa Rica
  • Shwood sunglasses. I wear these everyday. They are the perfect conversation starter, as they are made from literal wood, eco friendly, the whole nine yards — and are quite perfect for watching the sunset.  Shwood - Kaitlyn Schlicht