Who is ShuMAN? A Ladies MAN, but More So Here to Make Us Smile

Andy SHUman is … a ladies man. I don’t know how else to describe him. In addition to being able to make any girl blush, he is also a comedian in the making and recent transplant to Boulder, Colorado. I think it’s fair to admit that women as a species have a question or two that we’d like to just ask an honest guy. Meet your new open book, Shu. Below are a few questions we thought it would be good to get started with, but feel free to a few more questions below in the comments section for the next go-around. Did I mention his … honesty? Warning: If you are easily offended, you might want to opt for some of our other features. 

1. Andy, tell the women at VIRTVE who you are and what makes you the go-to man for all of our burning questions? 

Andy, 28, a simple man that likes to have fun. I’m a genuinely good dude that likes to make friends, hang out with girls, and always meet new ones. Over my tenure with the ladies I have been through a lot of different, sometimes interesting, situations which have made my experience quite exciting. I’m what you would call a veteran — seen it all. Not only do I know what I’m talking about, but I thoroughly enjoy making people laugh and like to give advice. Ya know? Like a cool ass Dr. Phil. But beware, I’ll tell it like it is … 

2. What do you look for in a girl? 

This is an interesting one because I think there are different wants in different types of mindsets. If I’m out on the town looking to hook up, I start at the top and work my way down, meaning that I go for the hottest (10) and then keep working my way down … Not necessarily looking for anything in particular besides looks — though I am definitely picky. Now, if I’m not looking to “just” hook up with you, and actually want to settle down, then I definitely go deeper. I go by three key features, not necessarily in this order. 1) Face 2) Legs 3) Brains (meaning that she can keep up with me). If you have one of these, but not two, I’ll hook up with you. Two, but not all three, I’ll hook up with you and probably date you for a bit. If you have all three, then I’ll pursue you and want to lock you down. If you wanted to add a fourth, I would say independence. Girls that are able to be independent are awesome — but don’t take it too far. Regardless of the criteria, you have to be interesting. If I get bored, then I’m out. *If you ask why legs and not ass, it’s because if you have good legs, you most likely have a good ass. 

3. What’s your opinion on Tinder? 

Oh Tinder. Honestly, this goes along with my first question. If I’m just trying to hook up, I’ll go on Tinder and chat with girls in a completely shallow manner. If I’m trying to date someone, I’d definitely use Tinder, but I’d be really selective on my right swipes. I’d actually look into their pics instead of simply swiping to swipe. You can tell from most girls’ Tinder pics if they have the three criteria. And girls, if your Tinder profile doesn’t have those, you should update your pics … and I don’t mean slutty — unless you are just trying to hook up. Tinder can work for whatever your motive, but don’t rely on it. You need to be able to meet people in person. That is an important characteristic across the board.

4. Blondes or Brunettes?

Both. I don’t discriminate. That’s like choosing between white bread and wheat bread. Both are great, and both taste different in their own ways … I mean … both are different. I like brunettes because they usually have a darker skin tone and are more “sexy”, while blondes are generally more “hot”. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be both. A girl’s goal when getting ready should be to be both, unless it’s Halloween … then you have to be both. Although I definitely favor brunettes, blondes and other hair colors are still in the running. The most important thing to remember is … if you fit into the criteria I mentioned above, then I’m definitely into you, regardless of hair color.

You can keep up with Andy and all of his … adventures … on Instagram and Twitter @shuboyy and on Snapchat @shuboy.