Nike Theas & Reebok FuryLites Make for Some Sassy Sneaks


1. lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.

Oh yes, for me, it’s all about the sass. Since I can remember, my mom always commented on my actions and behavior — even outfits –and would say, “Love it, so sassy!” It’s a blessing and a curse I would say … The sass has worked for me in many of life’s situations; going out on the town, meeting new people, ice breaking conversations, joking around etc., These days, my favorite way to express my sassy-self is through fashion. Recently, sneakers are number one!

Women’s Reebok Furylite Running Shoes

Reebok FuryLite Reebok FuryLite Reebok FuryLite

Women’s Nike Air Max Thea

Nike Air Max Thea Nike Air Max TheaNike Air Max Thea

Photos: @jeremeybrandonphoto