6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas – From a Real Dad

As if Mother’s Day wasn’t tricky enough, Father’s Day is coming up here in a couple of weeks. Don’t let your Dad get the shaft just because Mother’s Day came up first. My Dad (@macschlicht), the bird whisperer, insane Packers fan, and the guy that always catches the biggest fish on the lake, was cool enough to lend out some suggestions (although they weren’t easy to get). Now, not knowing what to get your dad isn’t an excuse for the reasoning behind the gift card — that you are not going to get him!

1. Rapala Game Fish Kit

You know which Dad likes fishing more than a steak dinner? THIS DAD.”

Rapala Fish Kit

2. Craftsman Tool Chest Storage System 

For those jobs you and your neighbors need to figure out, Craftsman tools get ‘er done.”

Craftsman Tool Chest Storage System

3. Wine Tasting

“A little wine tasting excites the pallet and puts Dad in a groovy mood.”

4. Tickets to the Rolling Stones

“Throw Back Thursdays, and tickets to The Rolling Stones.”


5. Tickets to Summerfest

“Since we at it … How about tickets to the largest music festival in the world, Summerfest. It happens to be in my hometown!”

A photo posted by Summerfest (@thebiggig) on


6. Cigars

“Nothing says relax like a nice cigar after finishing your outdoor projects.”

There you have it! You are going to have one happy dad this month. Share your Father’s Day stories in the comments section.