Depp, Somerhalder, McCounaughey – Ask VIRTVE: Who are Your Celeb Crushes?

We’re back with another edition of Ask VIRTVE, where we cover all life’s curious questions every other Thursday. Ask VIRTVE allows you guys to ask us whatever you want, and the writers will give the answer to you straight. Feel free to ask some questions in the comments section for the next go-around.

Q: Who is your current celebrity crush?

@SassFitz: Matthew McConaughey. Because he’s a brilliant actor, funny, and a family man …

// James Franco and Hayden Christensen have to be added to my line up of crushes.

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James because he is both hilarious and a good actor and Hayden … Just because.



@SamanthaSchlicht: Ian Somerhalder. He’s on Vampire Diaries. He plays a bad boy that still cares about his girl. He’s really tough and sassy. Nice body. Takes control. Mom said he was “yummy” lol.


Or Channing Tatum. That’s my basic answer. He always plays someone really manly, but can still play someone sensitive. and he has a great sense of humor.


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@KaitlynSchlicht: I feel like this totally depend on what mood I’m in. If I’m feeling a little sassy, it’s all about Johnny Depp — think Blow.

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// I am feeling like a smart allec, then Leo — think Wolf of Wallstreet or Catch Me If You Can, he was even brilliant in Titanic. Plus, in real-life he is an environmentalist, which is super attractive to me.

// Bradley Cooper comes in at a solid third.