Domino Features “9 Summer Party Themes”

It’s sometimes hard to tell whether Domino is a blog for designers or an online retailer (it’s both). The team over there integrates blog posts with the products they sell almost flawlessly. Recently, they featured “9 Summer Party Themes”. Below are a few of my favorite, but read the full post for more of their creative friendly-gathering ideas.



“A garden tea party is the perfect setting for a summer brunch. On the table, fill vessels with favorite summer blooms (perfect time for hydrangeas) and sprinkle flower petals across the surface. Serve an assortment of scones with your teas.”

9 Summer Party Themes - domino


“Time for the neighborhood block party? Roll in the food carts (donuts, tacos, lobster rolls, ice cream sandwiches) and celebrate the outdoor season with the kids from the neighborhood.”

9 Summer Party Themes - domino

“Something a little more unexpected (but pretty cool): Pack a picnic and get the crew out on the water in canoes. Tie them together and float down the river as you eat. Remember to pack light and enjoy the views!”

9 Summer Party Themes - domino


“Set up a grown-up lemonade stand (glass dispenser filled with spiked lemonade, fresh flowers on the table, buckets filled with beers) that will have guests lingering by all party long.”

lemonade stand - domino

Have you been to a theme summer party this spring/summer? What was the concept, and what did the host/s do to make it unique?