F&*% the Sensitivity – A Letter from a Real Celiac

Gluten “sensitivity” and intolerance is becoming more and more apparent and accepted work-wide by the day. While the food substitutions are getting better, the effect it is having on people with Celiac disease (a serious autoimmune deficiency triggered by gluten) could actually be getting worse. Here is an emotional (to say the least) letter from a Celiac to all of the people out there hopping on the gluten-free wagon. We aren’t sure who pissed this chick off, but we are sure glad we weren’t around when it happened!

Dear “Glutard” Bullshitter,

We aren’t celiac for fun. We don’t do it for attention, and the goal isn’t to receive special treatment in order to feel special about ourselves.

This is a rare disease, it eats us up from the inside physically and mentally when triggered. It isn’t just a sensitivity that just makes us feel uncomfortable, itchy and bloated. No shit you’re bloated, you just shoved your face full of water-retaining carbs.

It’s more than that. Celiacs is an autoimmune deficiency, it deteriorates the walls of our intestines if even a spec reaches the insides of our bodies. There is nothing that can be done to treat or fix it.

When that one spec reaches the inside of our mouths and enters our organs, it’s game over. Hours upon hours of screaming hot sweats and rolling pain. Literally … Screaming, and rolling. For days after, our bodies lack that necessary energy to go about our day-to-day lives because all of that fuel was wasted on trying to break down one tiny fucking spec that it will never ever be able to process.

Going out to eat and saying you were celiac used to cause a red flag. Servers and cooks would treat it the same way as a peanut allergy and take extreme precaution. Yeah, we still have to load our bodies up with horse-pill sized capsules of enzymes and GI-track formula just in case, but it used to be a really big deal.

Nowadays, every basic bitch and her mother and sister claim to have a gluten issue, and it’s really fucking shit up for us. Like seriously.

After you decide you want to shove your face full of pasta again or give in “just this once” to your pizza pie or maybe leave your little sensitivity in the dust all together — there we will be, still celiac. Still having to alter our day to day lives hoping that one little spec doesn’t come anywhere near to us, still doubting our lives and wondering why our bodies are torturing us for the next 3-4 days.

Yours truly,

Wake up and smell the buckwheat bakery