9 Sunglasses To Stunt This Summer

Perhaps the most important accessory come summer? Sunglasses. Finding the right ones can be a daunting task because the pair you choose has to be able to match (almost) every outfit and that pair says a lot about your style/personality/attitude. Not to mention, this piece is quite possibly the first thing people look at when you’re driving in the car jamming out to your favorite song. Here are some of my favorite shades on the market right now:


Mirrored Round Sunglasses - Forever 21

Mirrored Round Sunglasses from Forever 21 ($6)

With Love From CA Lennon Round Sunglasses

With Love From CA Lennon Round Sunglasses  from Pac Sun ($15)

Indian Summer - Happy Hour

Indian Summer from Happy Hour ($20)



Starling - Dot Dash

Starling from Dot Dash ($23)

KOMONO Clement Round Sunglasses

KOMONO Clement Round Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters ($60)


Electric Sunglasses

Encelia from Electric ($100)


Runaway from Sabre ($100)



Laurel Canyon from Zeal ($180)


MULHOLLAND from Spy ($180)