Found: “How To Care For Your Skin In Summer” via Fitness Fashionista

Fitness Fashionista has it right when she says: Cleanse, moisturize, water and sunscreen. Four simple steps that will help keep your glow all summer. Boulder, CO (where VIRTVE is based) isn’t the easiest climate to deal with when it comes to skin care, but her reminder of simple home treatments can help us all get back on track and remember to not take the hot sunny days so lightly.

Photo courtesy: Fitness Fashionista
Photo courtesy of: Fitness Fashionista

Excerpt from: How To Care For Your Skin in Summer


Cleaning your skin during the summer months is very important because of the increased sweat and dirt from being outside. When you are out and about carry cleansing cloths with you so that you can wipe off your face and any explosed skin periodically.


It is very important to keep your skin hydrated durint the summer months. However look for moisturizers that are lighter than those used in the winter time. If you are shopping for a moisturizer look for milks, lotions or gels. You want something that will absorb quickly into the skin. No one wants to have a greasy residue on their skin.


While you are hydrating your skin on the outside it is important to also hydrate on the inside.  Water is even more important in the summer because we tend to loose more water during these months.  Water can also keep your skin looking radiant and your complextion clear.


We all know the dangers of venturing out into the sun without protecting our skin. Make sure to use a sunscreen like Garden Goddess that offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. The great things about Garden Goddess sunscreen is that its certified organic, effective immediately and easy to apply.