A Note From the Editor – Welcome to VIRTVE

Kaitlyn Schlicht - VIRTVE
Meet the editor: Kaitlyn Schlicht. She warmly invites you to VIRTVE.

A friend of mine recently started #WCWoman, World Changing Woman, an Instagram account and hashtag that celebrates women who don’t just a have a pretty face, rather women who make moves, inspire others, continue to learn, mentor.

What does this philosophy really mean? To me, it means the courage to utilize my talents and the passions of others around me to start something new and something cool that will hopefully inspire others.

Welcome to VIRTVE.

VIRTVE is being created off one thing all women have in common: passion. And style, too.

I know that we each offer something very unique to the fashion community (among other communities). Some of us offer a fitness-style, some more edgy, others flirty and fun. Even having no fashion sense whatsoever, that’s a style all in itself – a bold one at that.

To me, style doesn’t just mean what you pull out of your closet everyday. Style is a person’s outlook, their opinions, beliefs, manners, virtues. A person’s style can tell a lot about them, and we can learn different styles from each other.

Although women’s streetwear and fashion will be the glue of this lifestyle blog, these won’t be the only topics covered. I see these topics easily branching into other topics such as culture, social media, up-and-coming, events, beauty within, life’s problems.

This blog will be a curation of what women of different styles bring to the table, even different tables, in the goal of making a strong female community, and a stylish one at that.

Like fashion, life is about bending the rules, forming opinions, testing the limits, taking cues from others, starting trends yourself, being totally weird and being okay with it, seeing how far you can go.

It is all of these things that VIRTVE represents. Again, welcome.

Photos: @jeremybrandonphoto